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Associate Preacher Needed - Benton, Arkansas

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Sept 12, 2023


The Highway congregation is a thriving church in Benton, Arkansas. We are looking for an Associate Minister that oversees the Youth Groups. Our youth range in age from 2-18. We generally separate the youth into two groups, “Senior Youth” (Grades 7-12) and “Junior Youth” (Grades K-6). We are also blessed to have numerous parents that regularly assist and aid in the overall benefit of the Youth Groups. We are seeking a godly man that loves the Lord, loves the Word, and loves souls. We hope to find a man that has the ability to connect with youth and effectively teach them in concert with the efforts of their families. The individual should have a degree from a Bible/Preaching School or have equivalent experience.

PREACHING: 1. Preach on various Sundays as needed or asked by the eldership (once or twice per month). 2. Fill in preaching when needed when preacher is out or sick.

TEACHING: 1. Teach youth classes throughout the entire year. The specific age group and class may vary by quarter. 2. Present Wednesday night devotions in rotation with other men of the congregation. 3. Other teaching opportunities occur throughout the year (Summer Series, VBS, etc.)

REGULAR YOUTH RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Plan and hold regular activities (educational and social) for all youth (Senior youth group and Junior youth group). 2. Incorporate service projects (helping seniors, cleanup days, visit nursing homes, etc.) 3. Participate with faithful congregations in the area with youth activities.

VISITATION: 1. Go on regular visits to see families of youth and other members. 2. Be available to go visiting with preacher or elders as needed. OTHER: 1. Write bulletin articles. 2. Assist with planning and execution of various events (VBS, Fellowship Activities, Pew Packers, camp, etc.) 3. Facilitate the youth program under the oversight of the eldership (Plan and execute annual events, Devotional periods, service projects, etc.) 4. Be present at church office throughout the week when not visiting or conducting other such business. 5. Participate in worship (e.g. prayer, Lord’s supper, scripture reading, song leading, etc.) 6. The roll and duties may change slightly over time as the congregational needs may change. 7. Meet with elders regularly (roughly every 90 days) to discuss progress.

SUPPORT OFFERED: 1. Three bedroom and two bathroom parsonage provided by the congregation (utilities not provided by the congregation). 2. Two days off per week and two weeks of vacation 3. Continuing Education Allowance 4. Salary commensurate with ability and experience

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