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Preacher Needed - Soldotna, Alaska

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Nov 6, 2023


Soldotna Church of Christ Preacher/Evangelist


          The Soldotna Church of Christ is a well-established congregation located on the Kenai Peninsula in Soldotna, Alaska.  Soldotna is a vibrant community; a business and tourism hub of the Central Peninsula.  Soldotna and the surrounding communities have a population of around 20,000.

            The Soldotna Church of Christ has been blessed to have had long term ministers with great teaching and evangelism skills.  We are a friendly and tight-knit family that desires to grow in knowledge and numbers.  We have a membership with a broad range of ages and socio-economic statuses and an average attendance of 70.  Our church leadership structure consists of five service committees and men’s business meetings. We are looking for a preacher/evangelist who will lovingly and boldly proclaim the gospel of Christ to the congregation and the community and nurture spiritual growth within the Body.

 Job Description:

            As affirmed in 2 Tim 4:2-5 – the evangelist will preach the word in sound doctrine. He will reprove, rebuke, and exhort with patience and instruction.  The local evangelist is a humble bond servant of the Lord and member of the congregation.  Instruction will include sermons from the pulpit and weekly classes. The evangelist will lead the congregation’s efforts to spread the gospel of Christ to our community and surrounding areas.  He will mentor church members and potential leaders in the congregation to cultivate their spiritual gifts; he will provide Christ centered counsel. 



 *Ability to preach/teach expository studies of the books of the Bible as well as “topical” lessons; Well organized delivery of lessons with “application” points well thought out and clearly demonstrated.
*Proficient in the Scriptures and able to accurately handle the word of truth.  

*Ability to clearly demonstrate “personal application” of what he teaches in his own life.

*Previous experience and ability in understanding various denominational 

doctrines and “leading” a potential convert to an accurate understanding of God’s plan of Salvation.

* Self-motivated, driven by the desire to serve, a positive outlook and interpersonal skills.

*Visit with members when needed as a part of his ministry.

*Ability and desire to lead individual and small group Bible studies.

*Creates an environment with public teaching that will encourage members to bring visitors to worship and bible study.

*Good character, vision, and ability to build the members up for the purpose of self-development and sacrificial service.  Encourage and display unity.

*Motivator who leads and facilitates evangelism efforts according to a congregational plan and exhibits an outward focus to develop relationships with community members.

Required Qualifications:

          *Deep Bible knowledge with strong teaching skills.

            *Excellent communication skills.


            *Related degree from a college/university and/or school of preaching.

Desired Qualifications


            *Previous experience as a minister.

            *Demonstrated success in leadership, preaching/teaching, and evangelism.

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